Wadsworth-Longfellow House (1785), Portland, Maine
Restoration and repairs to original lime, sand and hair plaster throughout the building. Preservation of plaster using consolidation and reattachment techniques with conservation-specific materials.

Victoria Mansion (1850), Portland, Maine
Repair and restoration of exterior sanded-paint surfaces, stripping and restoration of hand-carved entrance door. Custom techniques were developed to recreate a faux brownstone finish on the wood. Ongoing exterior paint maintenance and repairs.

Chapel of Souls (1800), Poland Springs, Maine
Repairs and reattachment to water-damaged plaster in Sanctuary.

Peterborough Unitarian Church (1820), Peterborough, New Hampshire
Repairs and reattachment to lime, sand and hair plaster, matching antique surface texture. New main ceiling of 2-coat veneer plaster over blue-board.

Howard House (1648), Ipswich, Massachusetts
Repair and reattachment to lime, sand and hair plaster, including the development of custom tools and techniques for the purpose of plaster reattachment and restoring the period-look to new surfaces.

Weeks Home (1710), Greenland, New Hampshire
Restoration of lime, sand and hair plaster, consolidating existing plaster and recreating repaired surfaces to match surrounding historic surfaces. Paint stripping of exterior and interior historic woodwork, and re-coating.

Hill Home (1850), Long Island, New York
Exterior paint stripping of woodwork, re-coating of detailed exterior woodwork.

Parson Smith House (1760), Windham, Maine
Contracted by the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA) to repair plaster, reattaching using bonding agent where possible, and duplicating clay plaster to infill areas of missing plaster. Painted selected areas of house, re-glazed original glass window panes.

First Congregational Church (1850), South Portland, Maine
Plaster repair and restoration of areas damaged by foundation repairs to building.

All Saints Church (1906), Peterborough, New Hampshire
Repairs, reattachment and infill to original plaster. Recreated highly-textured interior plaster (knock-down, stucco texture) surface infills over granite.

Catherine Morrill Day Nursery (1830), Portland, Maine
Painted entire interior of historic building under architect's specifications.

Temple-Meeting House (1880), Ocean Park, Maine
Restored painted ornate plaster capital, prepared and painted new replacement column.

Maxim Home (1750), Lyme, Connecticut
Restoration of lime, sand and hair plaster, including consolidation and reattachment of loose plaster, stabilized walls, and recreated plaster recipe to replace missing plaster areas.

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