Many of the items listed here are among our favorites, well used in the office and workshop.

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A Field Guide to American Houses
by Virginia & Lee McAlester

Softbound, 525 pages, 1,200+ b/w illustrations, photos.

This guide enables you to identify, and place in their historic and architectural contexts, the houses you see in your neighborhood or in your travels across America. It features houses built for American families (rich, poor, and in-between), in city and countyside, from the 17th century to the present.

Old-House Dictionary
by Steven J. Phillips

Softbound, 237 pages, 1500 terms, 750 definitions, 17 cross references, 450+ b/w illustrations.

An illustrated guide to American domestic architecture from 1600 to 1940. This is a concise and easily understandable architectural dictionary for professionals and amateurs alike.


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