Our goal is to work in partnership with you to turn your vision into our finished product. We make every attempt to offer a variety of options and approaches to a project in order to be flexible for individual schedules and budgets. We accept specific assignments or segments of a project, and enjoy projects large and small.

The nature of the work in historic preservation is tremendously unpredictable. Surfaces dating hundreds of years often have 'surprises' hidden within and behind them. Earlier work, historic materials, wallpaper, Calcimine paint, the influence of environment (lack of insulation and heat), and prior repairs name a few of the conditions that affect estimating costs of restoration and repairs. For these reasons, we often offer cost projections in a range (best- and worst-case scenario) for planning and budgetary purposes, or suggest completing a test area to analyze the situation more accurately.

We encourage clients to participate in their restoration project as actively as they would like. Clients may choose (for economic or personal interest reasons) to complete some of the preparatory (washing, protection, installing wall board) or completion (clean up, washing, priming/painting) work themselves or even pick up the mixer or a trowel if you like!

Our basic fee schedule is as follows:

Production: Time + Materials Rate: $55.00-$100.00.
Labor costs are dependent upon the level of expertise required to complete the work.

  • Plaster restoration, re-attachment, repair and application
  • Installation of wallboard and lath products
  • Ornamental plaster restoration, casting and mold-making
  • Paint stripping, restoring painted historic surfaces, paint application

Project Consulting: $125.00/hr.

  • On-site Project Consulting
  • Telephone/Electronic Consulting
  • Preparing written recommendations and reports

We are very willing to travel, and treat travel expenses in a charge-back manner to the client based on the direct expenses related to the travel (mileage, airfare, lodging, meals). Typically travel/mileage expense within New England ranges from $60- $150 per day, in addition to consultation fees, labor costs for any test areas or work completed, and if overnight accommodations are provided. You might also "partner" with another homeowner, contractor or local historic organization to share travel expenses.


Did you know there are tax programs and grants available for restoration projects? You may be eligible for funding to assist you with your costs. If your building was built before 1939, is on or may be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, or is a building within a registered historic district. Call your State Historic Preservation office for more assistance.

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