I started my contracting career in 1981 doing drywall and general construction for general contractors throughout the area. Being a contractor or sub-contractor allowed me flexibility for my other passion, jazz music. To this day I perform in a local Dixieland jazz band throughout the area.

Plastering came up while working on the new addition of an older home in Portland, Maine. The homeowner approached me and asked me to take a look at some plaster they were interested in saving in the older part of the home. I had never done any plastering, but it always intrigued me. …And the rest is history as they say!

I was drawn to plastering immediately because it can be manipulated and formed, yet it can have a personality of its own, while at the same time working against the clock of its set-up time. It's an art-form that requires tremendous patience under a deadline, and that's intense. I am constantly amazed that I work with a liquid that will shortly turn to stone.

I truly enjoy the challenges of plaster — knowing when to stop and let it be, or working to get it right before things set up. Plaster can also be very flexible and allows for creating many different looks, from highly textured to smooth as glass. Different tools are used creatively to achieve surface texture (including your hands or a small broom), and looks can be easily copied or made completely unique.

Historic preservation of both homes and public spaces was a natural evolution for my business because of the many older structures in Maine and new England. The small number of skilled plasterers also made preservation work easy to come by.

It was difficult to learn the trade. I have often discovered techniques and tricks as I went along. I love a good problem to solve, and working in older spaces is always a challenge! Each job is unique in some way and invites lots of room for creativity and ingenuity — for me the most enjoyable part of the vocation.

I'm fortunate to have found a rewarding business that requires a high skill level and a certain degree of creativity, a satisfying combination. I hope to share my passion for historic preservation and restoration with you on your next project. Let me turn your vision into a historical landmark for the future. — contact me!


Updated: September 9, 2013
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