Peter Lord, Owner Peter Lord Plaster & Paint
24 Moody Rd
Limington, ME 04049

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Professional contracting firm in the preservation and restoration of historic surfaces with 20 years of experience.
  • Extensive experience in plaster application, re-attachment, restoration and repair.
  • Ability to develop plaster recipes and techniques to match existing surfaces in composition and appearance.
  • Experience in restoring ornate and decorative plaster, including developing plaster knives, molds and casts for the creation of new ornate plaster.
  • Ability to design and construct custom tools and methods for plaster repair and paint removal.
  • Significant experience in paint stripping, and the preparation and painting of surfaces.
  • Skilled in heavy paint and Calcimine coating removal.


Special Training and Certisifcations:

Completing Certificate in Preservation Skills and Technology; The Preservation Institute, Historic Windsor, Inc., Vermont

Decorative Plaster Workshop; Hands-on, four-day decorative plaster workshop lead by internationally known plasterer Frank Mangione. Eastfield Village, New York

Building Lime Plaster Workshop and Symposium; Hands-on workshop, lead by internationally-renown preservation experts, on historic techniques for preparing and slaking lime plaster for mortars and building construction use.
Historic New England, Boston, Massachusetts

Completed 40-hour Lead Abatement License Course and State of Maine Lead Abatement Licenser Exam (we are not a state-certified lead abatement company).
Center for Health Promotion, Portland, Maine.


Read About Our Work Featured in :

"Restoring Painted Wood Floors", Old House Journal, February 2002, pp.46-49.

"Repairing Plaster Cracks", Old House Journal, October 2001, pp.58-61.

"Cures for Calcimine Ceilings", Old House Journal, April 2001, pp.75-78.

"Hanging by a Hair", Old House Journal, January 2001, pp. 52-55.

"High Tech Help for Primitive Plaster", Old House Journal, September/October 1993,
pp. 44-49.

"Sanded Paint", Old House Journal, May/June 1991, pp. 32-36.


Professional Memberships and Associations
Maine Preservation
Greater Portland Landmarks
Historic New England
National Trust for Historic Preservation

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