Safety Program

Peter Lord Plaster & Paint, Inc. is dedicated to the protection of its employees from on-the-job injuries, and to maintain a safe worksite at all times. All our employees are responsible for working safely on the job and to report any hazards immediately. The purpose of this program is: (a) to ensure that standard safety policies are in practice and in compliance with OSHA standards and the General Duty Clause and; (b) to ensure that each employee is trained and made aware of the safety provisions which are to be implemented for each project.

It is the responsibility of Peter Lord, as "Competent Person", to implement this program, and to provide continual observational safety checks of work operations and to enforce the safety policy and procedures. It is the responsibility of all employees to understand and adhere to the procedures of this program and to follow the instructions of the Competent Person. It is also the responsibility of all employees to bring to management's attention any unsafe or hazardous conditions or acts that may cause injury to themselves, other employees, or by-standers.

The program has the following core elements:

  • Management leadership and employee participation;
  • Safety and Health policies and protocol enforcement;
  • Hazard identification and assessment, hazard prevention and control;
  • Safety and Health information and training.

Every project adheres to the following Safety Guidelines:

  • Regular safety inspections and meetings;
  • Use and availability of compliant Safety and Health Equipment (first aide, fire extinguishers, Hepa-filtered vacuum, fans, ladders, staging);
  • Use of appropriate Safety and Health Gear (hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, filtered masks, protective clothing);
  • Appropriate containment and disposal of hazardous waste materials;
  • Appropriate protection of public (signage, safety tape barriers, confinement/locks).

This program is evaluated on an annual basis. To date, Peter Lord Plaster & Paint, Inc. has experienced NO safety incidents or worksite injuries.

Updated: 4/2010



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